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About the Company


The Oasis Village for Wellness and Aging will be a self-contained mixed-use project within the zoning district as an Employment Center, located in one of the highest profiled SMSA’s of North Carolina’s Triad area. 

The buildings will incorporate design features not only for an enhanced visual experience, but also to reduce the environmental footprint on its use of the 80+/- acre site. 

Buildings where practical, will utilize rooftops with vegetation growth to promote carbon dioxide absorption and releasing stress relief oxygen, while also reducing noise pollution. 

The site will utilize power creating mini-wind turbines throughout the site, power stations for electric cars and scooters, and technology charging stations.

Solar panels will be distributed in strategically specific areas and in as many of the structures as possible. 

The primary office building will have a massive tinted glass skin that will reduce the buildings dependency on interior lighting, while temperatures will be controlled by the most efficient HVAC systems designed for such structures. 

The primary structure will surround an open area wellness park, for daily exercise and social interaction with co-workers from multiple international businesses. 

In the OVWA there will be opportunities for the 1,600 employees to utilize the on-site day care, spa, restaurants, shops, gym, hotel, apartments, triplex homes, convention center, swim and the social club, as well as enjoy a concert in the center open air wellness park. The entire site has been designed to attract world scientist, clients, and for its employees to be health conscious occupants and pedestrians.

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