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About the Company

Falcon Crest Investments is a private company which commenced manufacturing operations in 2020. The company is uniquely positioned to produce a wide array of products and devices having significant market demand. Falcon Crest's manufacturing clients develop personal protective equipment and products, including

Manufacturer dedicated to production of personal protective equipment, products, and medical devices to mitigate contagions; topical applications for medical purposes; probiotics; skin care therapies, and products utilizing the naturally-occurring microbiome systems of the earth and the human body.

alcohol-free hand sanitizers and surface cleaners; topical pain and anti-inflammatory therapies; products utilizing the naturally occurring earth biome for regeneration in agriculture and farming; and harnessing the body's microorganism systems with the addition of specialized pre- and probiotics to support healthy aging and longevity, to name just a fraction of the capabilities. Falcon Crest' manufacturing services include custom equipment design, system integration, parts feeding, material and package handling, and equipment validation, along with the documentation to meet the unique requirements of all types of manufacturing applications.