About the Company


MIG-USA, a US based holding company in the health care and pharmaceutical sectors, plans to partner with governments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to build and operate a network of world-class “medical cities” under the name High Point Global.  The project aims to become the premier medical complex in the MENA region and will offer international partners and investors a solid entry point into the lucrative MENA health care market.
HPMC will be founded upon the substantial expertise of MIG-USA, and requests a public-private partnership with the host governments: where MIG-USA provides intellectual property, know-how, trade secrets,

expertise, relationships and its outstanding international reputation; and each host government provides infrastructure, human resources and regulatory cooperation.  MIG-USA’s expertise will guide the development of HPMC into a singular MENA destination for planning and executing drug development programs for the international biopharmaceutical sector.It aims to serve a wider humanitarian purpose: building peace, security collaboration and cooperation among the countries of the Middle East and Africa, including Palestine & Israel. It will use healthcare, medicine, research & development and clinical trials as a means to achieve this.

HPMC will position itself as the region’s principal centre for pharmaceutical research and development, drugs manufacturing, distribution and intellectual property commercialization.   It will create a medical hub that attracts top professional talent in research, drug development and manufacturing into the region.

Upon full implementation, HPMC is expected to control a market in excess of $150 billion annually, as well as drive the creation of a medical access system through which currently unavailable (i.e. US and European) medications will be distributed to MENA citizens through exemption and structured price agreements.